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Balayage breakdown. When should you lighten? When should you glaze?

The breakdown on Balayage - When should you lighten and when should you glaze?

Imagine you had just come back from a month long summer beach holiday in the Bahamas... glowing skin and sun kissed tresses, ready to take on the world! Balayage is the "holiday hair look" that takes approx. 3 hours to recreate in a salon. This technique was born from the way the sun would naturally lighten your hair. The root being slightly darker and the ends are where the maximum brightness would be found. The great thing about this technique is that it can be customized to suit a whole range of needs. The maintenance of this service is a little different, it can be split into two different colouring options: Lightening and Glazing (toning). Lightening services take about 3 - 4 hours (including toner + styling) and this is where we strategically place the colour to meet your individual needs. Youwould need a top up lightening service after about 12 - 16 weeks (some clients only need a top up after 6months). Top up lightening services are done to: 1. - Take the colour higher up if it has grown out quite a bit. 2. - If a client wants to go even lighter over a period of time, lightening should happen in stages to preserve hair condition. The lightening service would include a glaze (toner), the glaze is the magic that makes the blend look so seamless and it also tones out any unwanted brassiness. The glaze is semi-permanent and fades out over time so be sure to use sulfate free shampoos to get the maximum amount of wear out of your colour. Glazing: These services can be done in between lightening services, the best thing about them is that they don't damage your hair. Generally you should be due for a glaze around 6-8 weeks after your lightening services. The glaze will help to blur out any demarcation lines (blockiness) and it will also help to tone any brassiness that may have appeared over time. "The glaze" is that lovely service that can be done before a special event to make sure your colour looks polished and freshly done. It only takes about 60 - 90min (including the styling) and it makes your hair so soft and glossy. You can also have some fun with your glaze - because it will fade out again - change it up and try a different tonal palette. Get in touch with one of our highly trained colour specialists for a free colour consultation.

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