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Grey Blending!! Too Grey or Not Too Grey!!

It’s been an interesting time in the hair world…

2021 made “grown out grey roots” completely normal… And we’re loving how people have embraced change.

Let’s be honest, its not easy letting those grey roots grow. It takes patience and commitment.

Grey hair is quite unique on every single client. There are no two heads of hair that are the same, so when thinking about the transition… It’s easy to assume that going silver would be the best option, but it’s not always the case.

Let’s think about the following:

- The % of grey hair present naturally.

- Is the grey hair localized in areas or is it consistentlyspread throughout the head of hair?

- How much of the head is “salt” (white) and how much of the hair is “pepper” (darker)?

The idea behind the grey blend is to make the maintenance easier, and the best way to do that is to consult each client individually to see what would work best for them.

Here are some examples of options to consider:


The idea behind this is that we use your natural hair in between the pops of brightness and depth. This is a good option for clients who are not fully silver yet, it is also possible to create a brighter frame around the face for clients who have localised grey around the hairline.


This option is for the clients who want to embrace their greys fully. The truth behind this transition is that we would need to lighten all old colour to a pale blonde to tone it to a silvery/grey colour. Sometimes this is a process, and a test strand is advised to see how much lift is achievable and what the condition of the hair would be like.

The success of this colour lays in the removal of all warmth in the colour, that sounds a lot easier than it is. If you have dark cosmetic colour on your hair, it may mean cutting the hair where majority of the old colour build up is present, because even though we use premium quality products…. Hair can only take so much before it completely loses its integrity.

Maintenance: You may think that once you have achieved the perfect shade of grey, maintenance is no longer something you need to worry about. Long term that would be true but in the short term, you would still need to maintain the tone on the ends that have been lightened because the toners will fade outover time. You would need to do top up toners every 4 – 6weeks until all the cosmetic colour has been cut our over time and you are only left with natural hair.

What to do before your appointment:

- Grow the roots out for at least 4months, we need a larger chunk of natural regrowth to use as guidance for the blend.

- TREATMENTS! The better the condition before we start, the better the condition will be when we finish.

- Stop colouring, stop toning and stop using purple shampoos… this could add extra pigment which couldhinder the removal of the pigment at a later stage.

- Find some shorter hairstyle inspiration pictures you would be open to, you may need to cut a few inches of length to preserve the condition of your hair.

- Set out enough time on the day, these makeovers can sometimes take upwards of 6hours and include multiplechemical steps on the day.

- Budget for professional products as part of your homecare regime - you would need a purple shampoo, deep conditioning treatment and heat protection spray to add longevity to the colour at home.

- Be open minded and be ready for the change.


This is great for those who want lower maintenance but they’re not ready to see the greys yet. This gives coverage to the greys but not full coverage. So that means that the greys end up looking like natural highlights in between the block colour. When the hair grows out, its not a block regrowth which helps to stretch the colour a bit longer.

Come in and have a chat with one of our colour specialists to decide what the best option for you would be. Have a look at some inspiration pictures before your appointment..., even if you have no idea what you’re looking for, we’ll help you decipher the information to make a solid plan.


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