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Professional products vs. Store bought products

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Think about the way you care for your skin; we customise our skin care routines based on what our skin needs at different times. We aim to make our skin as healthy as possible so that when we apply our makeup… we have a flawless finish, right?

However, foundation only creates an “artificial” layer of beautiful looking skin. If you had dry, dehydrated skin underneath the foundation… no amount of makeup could hide that. Foundation does not have enough moisture to “treat” your skin, you need a good moisturiser to do that.

Often store-bought products contain high amounts of silicones and plastic polymers - basically it creates an artificial layer of “smoothness” on your hair – sort of like foundation does for the skin. After one wash your hair might feel amazing but after 5 washes your hair will start feeling limp and lifeless because there will be a thick layer of build-up. The build-up also acts as a barrier and prevents any of the good active ingredients from entering the hair shaft. It becomes a vicious cycle. Yeah sure, these store bought products often have some really good ingredients but you know how some fast food chains sell “beef burgers” that might only contain 5% real beef… Some of these products are mostly made up of water, silicones and sulphates with only a tiny amount of the good active ingredients.

Professional products contain high percentages of active ingredients that all work towards creating good healthy hair. These ingredients have been hydrolysed (made smaller) so that they can enter the hair cuticle and work inside the hair shaft. These products also contain water soluble silicones that help to smooth the hair without creating build up.

If you are having your hair professionally coloured, you should absolutely be using professional products… Store bought products can cause the colour to fade and can cause toners to wash out, leaving you with a warm brassy blonde.

I’ll leave you with this thought… You would not wash your Louis Vuitton handbag with Fairy liquid, would you? So why do it to your hair?

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